MSE 403: Synthesis of Materials
9:30-10:50 Tuesday/Thursday
A survey of synthetic techniques and mechanisms with an emphasis on the chemistry of compound formation.
Textbook: Synthesis of Inorganic Materials, 3rd Edition, U. Schubert and N. Husing. [link]
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Most recently taught: Fall 2019 (ICES Rated as Exceptional)


MSE 405: Microstructure Characterization
1:00-1:50 Monday/Wednesday + Lab
Materials characterization using optical and electron microscopy, diffraction, and spectroscopy.
Textbook: Materials Characterization, Y. Leng [doi]
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Most recently taught: Spring 2020 (ICES Rated as Excellent)


MSE 406: Thermal and Mechanical Behavior of Materials
11:00-12:20 Tuesday/Thursday + Discussion
Elasticity, yielding, strengthening, dislocation motion, creep, fracture, and fatigue of materials.
Textbook: Mechanical Behavior of Materials, T. H. Courtney
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Most recently taught: Fall 2020