Our group is focused on the synthesis and understanding of new inorganic materials: semiconductors, magnets, and materials with complex electronic interactions. We utilize equal parts materials synthesis, characterization, and modeling and simulation. Our offices and labs are located in the Materials Research Laboratory.

Photo of group members

April 2024: Front: Maddie, Akhila, Emma, Kayla, Juyeon. Back: Xierong, Daniel, Shunxin, Jack, Daniel.

October 2022: (Left to right): Michael, Zach, Oscar, Salil, Jack, Jacob, Juyeon, Daniel, Akhila, Shunxin, Meba, Emma.

Group in Zoom in Nov 2020
November 2020 (From top left): Juyeon, Daniel, Zach, Manohar, Chengxi, Meba, Gayathri, Rithika, Oscar.

May 2018 (Left to right, front to back): Bao, Becca, Shannon; Ankita, Allen, Tyler, Nitin; Lisa, Zhelong, Jai, Prashant; Piush, Shuai, Daniel, Soumitra.