Portrait of Daniel Shoemaker

Daniel P. Shoemaker
Associate Professor
Department of Materials Science and Engineering
Racheff Faculty Fellow
Affiliate, Illinois Quantum Information Science and Technology Center (IQUIST)
1017 Materials Research Laboratory

Postdoc, Materials Science Division, Argonne National Laboratory
PhD 2010, Materials, University of California, Santa Barbara
BS 2006, Materials Science and Engineering, University of Illinois

Postdoctoral Researchers

We are currently recruiting postdoctoral researchers. Prospective candidates should contact Prof. Shoemaker with a CV. Underrepresented candidates should also check out the excellent DRIVE program. Be proactive, because openings tend to be filled quickly.


PhD Students

Juyeon Won, 2020-
BS: Chemistry, Iowa State


Emma Pappas, 2022-
BS: Mathematics and Physics, McGill


Xierong Qian, 2023-
BS: Polymer Chemistry, USTC


Jack D’Amelio, 2024-
BS: Chemistry, U. Central Washington


We are always recruiting stellar PhD and MS students who are interested in inorganic synthesis, characterization, and modeling. Please contact Daniel upon submission of your application to the Illinois MatSE Department.


MS Students

Siddhi Surawar, 2023-
BTech: Materials Science and Engineering, IIT Gandhinagar



Maddie Conrad (Illinois Physics)
Kayla Huang (Illinois MatSE)
Nick Kwentus (Illinois MatSE)
Daniel Matatov (Illinois MatSE)
Akhila Mattapalli (Illinois MatSE)
Pon Pingkarawat (Illinois MatSE)
Shunxin Tu (Illinois MatSE)


We strive to provide independent, high-impact projects for undergraduates. Interested students must enroll in MSE 396 or 397 (Intro to Research) and devote 6+ hours per week in the lab. If you have completed MSE 201 you are probably ready to join. Joining before your junior or senior year gives you time to finish training and work on independent projects. Contact Prof. Shoemaker to indicate your interest.



Postdocs: (placement after the group)
2018 Soumitra S. Sulekar Saint-Gobain


2024 Zachary W. Riedel Los Alamos National Laboratory (Postdoc)
2023 Kejian (Oscar) Qu College of Idaho (Physics)
2023 Mebatsion (Meba) S. Gebre ASM International NV
2021 Chengxi Zhao  
2021 Manohar Karigerasi SLAC Postdoc
2020 Shannon E. Murray Sandia National Laboratory Staff
2019 Zhelong Jiang SLAC-SSRL Postdoc
2019 Ankita Bhutani Intel
2018 Rebecca D. McAuliffe Oak Ridge National Laboratory Staff
2018 Elizabeth A. Pogue Johns Hopkins (PARADIM) Postdoc


2023 Jacob A. Christensen  
2023 Yun-Hsuan (Jack) Ling  
2023 Salil A. Paranjape Cornell – Materials
2022 Michael Coppedge  
2021 Rithika Manchikatla TSMC
2021 Sai Venkata Gayathri Ayyagiri Penn State – Materials
2019 Prashant Singh Baghel TMEIC
2018 Shuai Li  
2018 Jingwen Yu BASF
2017 Benjamin S. Hulbert Illinois – MatSE
2016 Insung Han Michigan – Materials
2016 Arun Ramanathan Georgia Tech – Materials


BS: (home institution)
Rebecca Banner Skidmore – Chemistry
Andrew Baumgartner UW Lacrosse – Chemistry
Piush Behera Illinois – MatSE
Scott Berens Minnesota – CEMS
Andrew Boomer Oregon – Physics
Ashley Hemmingway Illinois – Aero
Allen X. Guo Illinois – MatSE
Charlotte J. Israel Illinois – MatSE
Tyler J. Jensen Illinois – MatSE
Frank P. Kelly Illinois – MatSE
Yongsung Kim Illinois – Physics
Vedant Khanna Illinois – MatSE
Bao H. Lam Illinois – MatSE
Josh Leeman Illinois – MatSE
Sarah M. Longworth Missouri State – Chemistry
Yiyue Luo Illinois – MatSE
Christopher A. Miller Illinois – MatSE
Bonian Pan Illinois – MatSE
Carmen C. Paquette Illinois Tech – Materials
Jai Sharma Illinois – MatSE
Rangarajan (Nitin) Thiruvengadam Illinois – MatSE
Julia L. Zuo Illinois – MatSE