Shoemaker Research Group
Daniel Shoemaker
Daniel P. Shoemaker
Assistant Professor
Department of Materials Science and Engineering
260 Materials Research Laboratory, phone 217-244-4991

Postdoc, Materials Science Division, Argonne National Laboratory
PhD 2010, Materials, University of California, Santa Barbara
BS 2006, Materials Science and Engineering, University of Illinois

Postdoctoral Researchers

Soumitra S. Sulekar, 2017-
PhD: Materials Science and Engineering, University of Florida
BS: Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, VNIT Nagpur

Prospective postdoc candidates should contact Prof. Shoemaker with a CV.

PhD Students

Ankita Bhutani, 2013-
BS: Metallurgy and Materials Engineering, IIT-Roorkee

Zhelong Jiang, 2013-
BS: Materials Engineering, Nanyang Tech

Rebecca McAuliffe, 2013-
BS: Physics, Marquette U.

Shannon E. Murray, 2015-
BS: Mechanical Engineering, Texas A&M

Elisabeth A. Pogue, (with Rockett group) 2016-
BS: Materials Science and Engineering, Cornell

Jingwen Yu, 2016-
BS: Materials Chemistry, Fudan U.

Chengxi Zhao, 2016-
BS: Materials Engineering, U. Kentucky

We are always recruiting stellar PhD and MS students who are interested in inorganic synthesis, characterization, and modeling. Please contact Daniel upon submission of your application to the Illinois MatSE Department.

MS Students

Manohar Karigerasi, 2016-
BS: Metallurgy and Materials Engineering, IIT-Roorkee


Piush Behera (Illinois MatSE)
Allen X. Guo (Illinois MatSE)
Christopher A. Miller (Illinois MatSE)
Jai Sharma (Illinois MatSE)
Rangarajan (Nitin) Thiruvengadam (Illinois MatSE)

We strive to provide independent, high-impact projects for undergraduates. Interested students must complete MSE 201, enroll in MSE 396 (Intro to Research), and devote 6+ hours per week in the lab. Openings are filled at the beginning of each semester. Contact Prof. Shoemaker to indicate your interest.


MS Students:(placement after the group)
Insung HanMichigan - Materials
Benjamin S. HulbertIllinois - MatSE
Arun RamanathanLos Alamos National Laboratory

Undergraduates:(home institution)
Andrew BoomerU Oregon - Physics
Ashley HemmingwayIllinois - Aero
Frank P. KellyIllinois - MatSE
Vedant KhannaIllinois - MatSE
Yiyue LuoIllinois - MatSE
Julia L. ZuoIllinois - MatSE