Shoemaker Research Group


Our group is focused on the synthesis and understanding of new inorganic materials: semiconductors, magnets, and materials with complex electronic interactions. We utilize equal parts materials synthesis, characterization, and modeling and simulation. Our offices and labs are located in the Frederick Seitz Materials Research Laboratory.

Shoemaker Group Picture
September 2016 (L to R): Ben, Daniel, Shannon, Insung, Becca, Arun, Chengxi, Manohar, Julia, Chris, Zhelong, Nitin, Ankita, Piush, and Lisa.


November 2016:
Julia Zuo wins the Women Chemists' Committee Outstanding Poster and Presentation Award at the ACS ECI Research Conference. Congratulations!

August 2016:
Welcome Chengxi Zhao, Jingwen Yu, and Manohar Karigerasi to the group.

July 2016:
Ankita's paper on fast screening of mangetic chalcogenides has appeared in Phys. Rev. B.

May 2016:
Zhelong's paper on Cu4O3 has appeared in Chemistry of Materials.

April 2016:
Congratulations Shannon Murray for receiving an NSF Graduate Research Fellowhship!

January 2016:
Welcome Insung Han (MS student) and Frank Kelly (MatSE Undergrad).

December 2015:
Awadhesh and Ankita's paper on genomic searches for superconductors is posted to the arxiv.

September 2015:
Welcome Shannon Murray (PhD student), Arun Ramanathan (MS student), and Nitin Thiruvengadam (MatSE Undergrad).

May 2015:
Congratulations to Ankita for winning the RSC poster prize at the NASSC!

May 2015:
Ankita, Becca, and Zhelong present their work at the North American Solid State Chemistry Conference.

May 2015:
Daniel is selected for an Early Career Award by the Department of Energy. Press release here. Looking forward to a fun project!

February 2015:
Congratulations to Ankita, Becca, and Zhelong for finishing quals!

July 2014:
Daniel's article on in situ discovery of sulfide materials appears in PNAS. Preprint: doi:10.1073/pnas.1406211111

October 2014:
Commissioning experiments for our new capillary-stage in-situ diffraction furnace are underway.

In-situ XRD furnace

July 2014:
Daniel's article on in situ discovery of sulfide materials appears in PNAS. Preprint: doi:10.1073/pnas.1406211111

July 2014:
Room renovation finished for Shoemaker Lab #2.

July 2014:
The group welcomes undergraduate Andrew Boomer, visiting from University of Oregon.

June-July 2014:
Daniel will be conducting demonstrations and seminars for Illinois camps for Worldwide Youth in Science and Engineering (WYSE). WYSE offers weeklong camps for high schoolers to discover engineering. Check out the details on the WYSE web site.

June 2014:
The group welcomes Ashley Hemmingway and Julia Zuo, both undergraduates at Illinois.

February 2014:
Zhelong Jiang receives the Albert Yee Memorial Fund Fellowship from the Illinois College of Engineering. The fellowship is judged on academic performance, interest in engineering education, and research accomplishments. Congratulations Zhelong!

August 2013:
Daniel Shoemaker joins the faculty of the Materials Science and Engineering Department. The group welcomes MatSE graduate students Ankita Bhutani, Zhelong Jiang, and Rebecca McAuliffe.


Prof. Daniel P. Shoemaker
Department of Materials Science and Engineering
University of Illinois
1304 W. Green St.
Urbana, IL 61801

Phone: 217-244-4991
Office: 112 Materials Research Laboratory
Labs: 105, 141, 158 MRL